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Report: Brent Grimes To Be Released By Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have decided to move on from pro bowl corner back Brent Grimes after a disagreement on whether Grimes would take a pay cut. Grimes is still one of the best Corners in the league posting an impressive 49 tackles and 4 interceptions in 2015.

This in my opinion, is a questionable by the Dolphins. Grimes was one of their best players and to let him go while the team is only a few players away from being a really good team is foolish. The only reason Miami may have for releasing Brent is age. Grimes is 32 years old so Miami may be thinking his days are numbered.  Because besides his age he has played at a high level.

Grimes is due 8 million in 2016 and this move will save the Dolphins 6.5 million in cap space but it also leaves them with zero proven starters at corner back.

Article By Bryce Pittman



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