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Broncos Interested In Trading For Aj McCarron

With the first major wave of free agency passed, now it is time for teams in need of a quarterback to look to the trade route.

The team most in need of a quarterback is the Denver Broncos. They have already acquired Mark Sanchez for next to nothing sending out a 7th round pick.

Sanchez was acquired to try to fill some of the uncertainty at the position. But Denver still needs to add a quarterback or two.

AJ McCarron if the Cincinnati Bengals could be an option as he is stuck behind Andy Dalton. McCarron is coming off a solid five game stretch that helped the Bengals win the AFC North.

Not many backups are capable of doing what McCarron came in and did in his few starts with no prior starting experience.

It was enough for teams to take notice and contemplate a potential deal. With the success in his five starts and him being so young it may cost a team a first or second rounder to acquire him.

The Broncos could definitely use a young arm like McCarron to build around for the future.

Article By Brandyn Nelson


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